Toulimen, as much as I like u as one of the most literate...

Richelle - December 22 2011, 10:59 AM

Toulimen, as much as I like u as one of the most literate haitian on martelly's blog however, I hate some of your idea. Republican nor Democrate have nothing to do with haitian politic although, they take adventage of the situation as a result of our own so-called haitian polichien.

First of all, Haitian polichien have no goal for our country, they care about themselves to get rich and to leave the country.

It doesn't matter what republican or democrate want for our country, it's not up to them it's up to us as nation.

Unfortunately haitian politians are too hungry for money, their faces are too low, they have no shame of themselves, they are bunch of imbecile who don't know how to lead the country.

All they doing is fight among themselves, it is a big shame for my country to have bunch of stupid, ugly,blue skin, yellow teeth haitian in politic don't know what they are doing ecxept being crock.Therefore, they have no plan to move our country to a better position.

A country lead by smart people do not look like Haiti, what is the meaning of haitian politichien, for whom they work as politichien, what exactly they want to do for haiti.

Haitian polichien don't even know the meaning of analytical in order to sit their ugly buttock down to think for once what they have to do to help my country.For you I think you are way to smart to be blind by those facts.

So let those illeterate aristide and preval people blame republican party for their own stupid act remove yourself from this equation because you are better than that. I remember one of your post you stated that you went to law school in haiti, I want you to tell me little about haitian law because study law you learn about politic as well. I don't believe your law professor tell you that other countries can tell haitian president how to lead, if that happen is because of those haitian politichiens are imbecile not because of republican don't want this n that for our country.

We are so stupid we can't solve nothing in our own we like second grade kids fighting each other a teacher has to come to breaks us apart.

We can't regulate ourselves therefore, republican or whatever have to regulate us their own way.

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