Richelle, there is no reason for this fight here. I have...

Toulimen Legrand - December 22 2011, 12:08 PM

Richelle, there is no reason for this fight here. I have researched Haitian politics to understand how Haitian mentality has been shaped and formed over the years.

First thing I need you to be aware of is this class struggles in Haiti is real and we should not ignore it. By ignoring it, we let the elites of Haiti believe that we are ignorant and they can continue to fool us whenever the time they want. Richelle, you and I and many others are not ignorant.

We are being fooled all times by seven of the richest elites of Haiti and Haitian politicians as well.

In addition, Richelle Haitian politics is built upon destruction and more of the same will go on and on. With Martelly and the Haitian Peasants' movement is a repetition of history for every forty years like the economic crisis in the US now. In 2051 or 2061, Haiti will turn to chaos because a dark skinned Haitian will be in power this time. Why?

Remember, poor educated dark skinned Haitians acquire power to own more women, buy luxury villas, increase division between rich and poor as well as stealing money to build their own empire after they get overthrown by the conservative elites of Haiti and the international community.

I hate them and I cannot join them in their quest for power., my dearest friend I want this game to end. I want to see rich elites that want to develop a country with whomever in power whether dark skinned and light skinned Haitians.

The elites of Haiti need to believe in Haitians and cooperate with them to build Haiti.

They have to reject Napoleon's idea that dark skinned men are not capable of doing good things for their countries around the world.

We have some good dark skinned leaders and if they were promoted to power they would do good things for their countries too. I can be killed any time because Haitian elites don't want me to point out class struggles that are real in Haitian politics.

All dark skinned Haitian leaders fail because of greed, political division and the non cooperation of the light skinned Haitian chef personnels planted within the Haitian Administration to encourage corruption when dark skinned Haitians are in power.

Those CEOs only cooperate when light skinned Haitians are in power as president and this shows to the world that the darkest skins are thieves and they should never be appointed as president of Haiti.

I am fighting this plot Richelle and I want to die for this cause.

While doing that I am trying to teach new dark skinned Haitian leaders to renounce to lust, greed and division as well. Richelle, I want class struggles to come to an end in Haiti and I want both ethnic groups to be Haitians period.

I want them to stop capitalizing on destruction as as a political mean to manage the country.

I want good governance and good leadership from both ethnic groups to save Haiti and move it forward.

They can be mad at me and kill me too, but I want to end class struggles in Haiti because it creates too much suffering for Haitians in this 21st century and we will die overseas and the same sht will go on and on. Haitian elites are conservatives and they have protection of the most advanced countries of the world to keep class struggles alive and make us regret of living in an independent country.

Now, you can understand why I refuse to blame those past governments lead by dark skinned Haitian leaders.

I took political classes on Haitian politics in the US after I spoke to two Haitian mulatoes, whom are very good friends of mine and they told me that class struggles are so real in Haiti and they don't know how to fight against it in order to eradicate it. Antoine Ismery, Georges Ismery, Jean-Dominique, Mireille Durocher Bertrand, Luc B Innocent, Luois Eugene Attis, Bernard Sansaricq, Richard Brisson and Yves Volel to name a few, all were light skinned Haitians killed because they wanted to end class struggles built upon destruction of the country by Haitian elites.

The latter imitate the American model of economic crashes to build their economic destruction system in Haiti and there is no continuity at all. The United States does economic crash, but Haiti does economic destruction of properties to start all over again in order to keep Haiti in a vicious cycle of dependency and economic aid packages at all times.

Richelle, this is the system that I am aiming to fight by empowering others like you to do so. I am not defending any past government.

I am for change and I want Haiti to create a stable country like those advanced progressive societies although I myself have some reserve about progressive societies.

We can have economic crash and not economic destruction of material properties to start all over again as wanted by the rich elites of Haiti.

They like their system so much and they want to kill whomever wants to put an end to it. That is why we are living in foreign countries and our progenies will get the same treatment if we don't end it. Reply ASAP to let me know if you understand my fight.

It is a fight between the conservative elites of Haiti and greedy liberal dark skinned Haitians to preserve the Napoleon's curse against Haiti that blacks cannot govern themselves.

We should end this politics to prove that Napoleon was wrong.

In order to do that we should educate those greedy dark skinned Haitian leaders and reform the Haitian Administration by putting in place qualified Haitians between both ethnic groups to promote good governance to free Haiti from dependency and keep all Haitians home. Richelle, no one around the world wants Haitian nationality because of this dirty politics between classes in Haiti, and if Haitian nationality is for Haitians only we should stay in Haiti because it is our country.

Do you understand me?

Reply ASAP and may the Almighty One bless you!

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Toulimen,I'm not fighting with you I just want you to...

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