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Marceau L. - December 25 2011, 12:19 PM

Solidarity Dame-Marian like to says to is new progrecess President welcome to our rescue.

We from Dame-Marie, Grande-Anse as Haitian leaving abroard we relize the important of education.

In 2005 we form Solidarity Dame-Marian to help with education in Dame-Marie, Haiti.Step:1-2006 our first program was schorlaship for kids from c.e.p admit in 7eme.Step: 2-2007 was a library for the entire City of Dame-Marie.Step: 3-207 was create, built or abdopt small country site elementry school for the kids less fortunate.

In a town name Lahaie, Dame-Marie we etablish our first elementry school with a partnership with an International Organization call Step by Step 350kids benefits free elementry school from pre-k to grade 5 for free of charge.Step:4-2008 we created a program call sponsorship, we paid school for any kids who qualify in our criteria once you reside in Dame-Marie.Step:5-2010 after the quake, we created a camp in Dame-Marie, we relocated moms and kid only for 3month,3 meals a day and lot more of activities for them.Our project are clearly marks.

As a remarks, we believed no other camps in Haiti were treated our Haitian citizen like we do.Our imaje will tells.

Our first camper Thermidor Tellenfant who lost all their 4 childrens in the quake, were rolocated to Dame-Marie as head of the Solidarity Dame-Marian camp in a Agriculture school facility in a Country site of Dame-Marie name Lesson Agriculture School a facility who worth more then $5.000.000,00us.Devasted in 1986.

For more details we can be contact at 786-380-5812 or visit us at for more imajes click in more photo when you`re on the site.
Marceau comment:Security is a Country.

I should not be afraid to leave my house to go anywhere, anytime and was so ever. Haiti should not be means Port-au-Prince only. I should had choice not to go to Port-au-Prince if i dont need to.Is time to says, i will go to Port-au-Prince because i want to, not because you must to. 10Departments for Haitian to be Haitian go when we want to.This is local tourism.

We will be the first to show and shine the different.

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