Jean Pierre Alexandre your daughter charge $ 5 per serving & $ 25 per night

Zefendel - December 26 2011, 3:24 PM

Jean Pierre Alexandre i herd your daughter fonctioning is very cheap.

she charges $ 5 per serving and $ 25 for the whole night.

Send her tonight without bra, panty to my room after 6pm at Holiday inn rm 2103. My name is Zefendel.

The hotel clerk is expecting her. She has some singing, heavy lifting to do for me.

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Zefendel,you can have both of us if you want for free. I will be glad to service you rear end for free as well. I am a master in rear end job,you will be please and happy for the rest of your life. I have made a special Vaseline mix with castor oi more »

Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Zefendel,i hope you don't smell like wet dog,roach ect. I like my meat black.the blacker the better. I am looking forward to bend you down and grab you by the balls. more »

Zefende says...

Jean Pierre Alexandre your daughter kept the appointment last night but I just realized she stole my gold watch and my wife diamond ring. Make sure she return them before noon tomorrow or I will send the police to your house. more »

Zefendel says...

Most bloggers know Jean Pierre Alexandre and his family are low life,low origins,prostitutes and thieves. Don't waste time and the blog space mentioning this low life va nue pied vagabond,thief. Now police are looking for them for stealing my gold w more »

Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Zefendel,i am very suprise that you are a swinger and like orgy. I didn't know if your wife was going to be there,if i knew i would come together with my daughter,beside i was busy with Agent-x i reamed his rear end last night with no vaseline.I wo more »

Zefendel says...

what i am going to tell my wife when she return from Trinidad? My gold watch is missing and her diamond ring is gone. Tell you blood clout to bring them back or face the consequences. more »