Better public administration

Edy - December 30 2011, 7:01 PM

With better public administration, Haiti will have better political governance.

As an Economist from the US schools, there is no way to achieve economic and social governance (corporate governance) if the public administration is stink with cronies et incompetent people.

Nothing works in Haiti.

Haiti however has a President that gives hope with great speech necessary to headstart every corner of public administration.

Ministers, State Secretaries, Directors and others in public administration, are they ready to accompany President Martelly or are they there in power just to continue what the ohers have done insofar, stealing the people's funds and hopes...

I am ready to work in changing Haiti public administration with such a President.

I am now tired of giving all the contents of my brain to foreigners and other countries.

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Yvrance Unelus says...

If you are an economist graduated from the US schools and want to improve the public administration in Haiti, you have to apply for a job with this administration. You have to see if you can open a school of Economy in Haiti, to teach the haitian peo more »

Edy says...

Mr. Unelus, Opening a School of Public Administration or of Public/Political Economics is not the solution here, if you have tasted every single corner of Public Administration in Haiti. In this case, one is dealing with Political Philosophy choi more »