Way To Go For A New Haiti in 2012

Jean Pierre Alexandre - January 1 2012, 6:39 PM

Parents should plant a tree for every new born in Haiti, at the age of five these kids should plant a tree by themselves for themselves.

Every Haitian adult should involves in planting two or more trees in Haiti, fruits trees are very easy to plant.

Every Haitians abroad should encourage their families in Haiti to plant a tree.

Every one of us"Haitians" should support their regions or villages by encouraging their"the" farmers to farm the land, either get involve with irrigation, seeds, livestock, farm tractors ect.
If you get involve, their life will be more easy, farming with a hoe is not the way to farm the land for full production.

This is every Citizen responsibility to help when your country is in need.
Put pressure to your region officials to get things done, this way they will not find enough money for them to steal.

Every little change can makes a difference.

Take it from me.

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