Mr. Unelus, Opening a School of Public Administration or of...

Edy - January 2 2012, 8:59 AM

Mr. Unelus,

Opening a School of Public Administration or of Public/Political Economics is not the solution here, if you have tasted every single corner of Public Administration in Haiti.

In this case, one is dealing with Political Philosophy choices or just mentality or reverse mentality of making individual choices to maximize utility.

When one gives a look or an observation at Parliament, the Executive, and/or Judiciary or (the corp of Judges at all levels), one can infer that only less 2% may NOT be corrupt and/or corrupted.

When one observes the negociating process of buying and selling, and/or the nomination process of public officials, I should stop here...

this platform is not for academia.

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If you are an economist graduated from the US schools...


Better public administration

With better public administration, Haiti will have better political governance. As an Economist from the US schools...

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