God's Umbrella of Protection:

Rev Pasteur Zachee Charles Ing. - January 8 2012, 9:44 AM

Father, how privileged I am to be able to pray to You!You are God Most High, ruler over the kingdoms of the world, infinitely greater than all earthly authorities.

Nations are as nothing in Your sight-like a drop in a bucket.And You reduce political leaders to nothing by merely blowing on them.what a mighty God You are!
To think that You have decreed that our prayers actually influence what You do!And that You are alert day and night, ready to listen to our requets!
I praise You that the hearts of earthly rulers are like streams of water that You direct as You please.

Bring about wise decision in the government and courts of Haiti.

For the good of Your people and for the spread of the gospel, overrule bad decisions, mistakes,and evil plans.

Do the same for all city and government offices, for leaders of other countries, and for the leadership of Haiti.

Guide the President Joseph Michel Martelly to the current issues and problems facing The Haitians People.

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