Haitian Vitamin-News 8 January 2012-Part A-1

Agent-x - January 8 2012, 8:37 PM

♦Viva Chavez Vive Aristide Viva Castro.

Abas lot yo.

◙ axisoflogic-com ▬ 08 January 2012►Axis of Logic Foundation 08 January 2012Ships 9,000 Liters of Potable Water to Haiti (Includes photo essay).

At 5:20 p.m., Thursday, December 8, 2011 our shipment of 9,000 liters of clean water left the El Libertador Air Base (BAEL), at Palo Negro, Venezuela and landed at the airport in Port au Prince, Haiti about 2 hours later.

We purchased the water at San Miguel Water Company in Maracay on December 1. A group of 5 young Venezuelan soldiers volunteered to load the 500 cases of water onto a truck at the water company and to unload them at the air base about 8 miles away. The water company delivered the load to the base where a Hercules C-130HV cargo plane was reserved for the flight to Haiti.

We paid 25,200 bolivares fuerte (USD 5,860) for 6,000 1.5 liter bottles with break-seal caps from donations received from friends and readers of Axis of Logic.

The water was pumped fresh and bottled specifically for this project from deep wells owned by San Miguel within 2 days of shipment.

We want to thank each of you who donated and made possible this important project.

◙ en-escambray-cu ▬ 08 January 2012►Haiti Ambassador Grateful for Cuban Solidarity.

Cuba is on Haiti

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