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Haitian Tapatio - January 16 2012, 1:04 PM

at the point that we are now in Haiti, i think its a necessity for all of us to take the time to find together a real solution for our country.

there is long time since we said that we are a domocratic country thats mean we have to respect the rules.

when someone just make a look at way that the haitian Goverment is working now you can hope that someting positive can be done for the copuntry.

so for this its an obligation for us to give us a chance sometines a the life story of a nation its important in two situations to choose the best one i think if we choose to obey by letter the haitian constitution and destroyed the goverment we ll put the country in crissis for more than 25 years more.
at this conner, its time for us to forgert our personel interrest and think about the country.

i was actif fighting against Aritid in the student movement, now a rilized i was better the country if this a compromise was made. we a re now at the same step, if we do the same mistake, that we ll be a real disaster for Haiti.

may God help us to understand and take the right way may God bless haiti.

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