Wisly, you are absolutly right. Ninety percent of Haitiens...

Jjjadrin - January 18 2012, 11:55 AM

Wisly, you are absolutly right.

Ninety percent of Haitiens abroad are sharing the same feelings, and nostalgies as you do. The most important things Martelly needs to work on are: fiscallising all revenues, pay the workers on time including the police officers, remove all uneducated, non-lawyer judges, like franklin montinat a tenth grader titulaire judge of Gressier.

This man operates in gangster style, a criminal who doesn't know anything about the laws, using all the judge's power to make money.

Inspector of police Herman of Gressier is also his complice because they are sharing the stolen money together.

motinat has protection at the Parquet of Port-au-Prince and also Martelly's blessings.

This man is the # 1 tonton macoute in Leogane.

Dear Wisly, I had my experience in Ha


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