Ideas for Fixing Haiti

Marc Henry - February 13 2012, 7:52 PM

1. From everyone that I have spoken to(NGO's, Diaspora,Students and Haitian Government Officials) the three main problems in Haiti are.

a: Customs(la-droine)no clear rule is establish, corrupted from
the smallest to the highest post, I am sure you yourself had dealt with them. A couple of example, why is the tax on a vehicle
cost more than the vehicle itself, why does it take 3 months to clear custom, why are free construction material to help the quake victims held and 3 times the value is required to rel-
ease the material.

and yes there are names.

b:Everyday we hear of the robberies and kidnapping and yes other
countries(Dominican Republic)have similar issues but they're not
in the category of Haiti(Pearl of the Caribbeans), growing up in Haiti under Papa Doc punishment even for petty theft was harshly
dealt with, crime of any magnitude was dealt without prejudice and thieves were branded as such(criminals).

2. It is time everyone is afforded the opportunity to participate
in business without the interference of the always rich will stay rich crowd.

3. Haiti's relationship with other nations also needs a boost, it is extremely difficult to do business abroad when your host requires a visa, the length of the visa is short compare to other nations, ie, Japan

President Martelly doubt you will see this.

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Toulimen Legrand says...

Marc, you are right and I commend you in pointing out those facts. One of the main reasons that customs taxes are very costly is this:The Oligarch of the seven richest families in Haiti create a market monopoly to enrich themselves and not the state more »

Pentagon says...

Marc Henry formerly known as Tiba,I like what you wrote. We should put pressure on the Haitian Deputies,Senators and politicians to find way and means to solve this problem in Haiti. I suspect people like Mews,Bijio and the like are behind those anom more »

Toulimen Legrand says...

Haitians in Haiti have elected sold out representatives and senators in the past 26 years and this will continue on and on. Haitian people are far to get good elected officials to defend them and they are a bunch of greedy corrupt officials and that more »