Marc, you are right and I commend you in pointing out those...

Toulimen Legrand - February 13 2012, 9:01 PM

Marc, you are right and I commend you in pointing out those facts.

One of the main reasons that customs taxes are very costly is this:The Oligarch of the seven richest families in Haiti create a market monopoly to enrich themselves and not the state of Haiti.

We need to eliminate this monopoly so foreign goods can penetrate the Haitian market.

Haiti should stop taxing high goods to benefit Brandt, Mevz, Saliba, Accra, Castera, Vitiello, Flambert and so on to name a few. Customs revenues should benefit the state of Haiti and not those mercenaries.

Rich people's monopoly over Haiti should end this time. Rich in Haiti are the corruptors and corruption exists to protect their monopoly so we can have a country for themselves at the exclusion of all Haitians.

Yo gen zam e yo gen lajan pou empeche monopoly a tombe.

NGOs and CIA are the vermines in Haiti.

Nou dwe fout yo deyo nan peyi a. They are the source of insecurity in Haiti to keep us overseas forever as slaves of the neo-colonialist countries like France, US, and Canada to name a few. They are buying our lands while we are being kept out of the country.

They are the first criminals in Haiti and we must watch them closely wherever they go in the country.

Along with REDCROSS, they are spreading viruses everywhere in Haiti and they are changing our newborn chromosomes to turn them homosexuals in our hospitals in Haiti.

We must kick them out before they destroy us through biowarfare.

The government needs to create a law on foreign presence in our Haiti and their activities must be supervised on a daily basis.

I agree with you that it is the time for the Haitian Diaspora to invest in Haiti while Martelly is boosting our economy through expected foreign investments from the Latin American countries.

Security is needed for any type of investments in Haiti and we must count on ourselves before those charognards take the country from us. Good job Hemry and may God bless you and your family!

PS. No time to revise my writings, for I am writting through my I-Phone ok. I hope you understand me.


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