For Every 10 Administrative Directors in Haiti 8 Are Oligarch Members

Toulimen Legrand - February 14 2012, 10:40 AM

For every 10 administrative directors in most of Haiti's public institutions 8 are oligarch members meaning light skinned Haitians and 2 only are dark skinned Haitians meaning the masses.

Administratively speaking, the oligarch members outnumber the Haitian masses and they only represent 3% of the population and they impose their French language on the masses to practice obscurantism in Haiti.

This country will never succeed if we cannot solve this problem.

This creates oppression and on an economic standpoint Haitians are oppressed with their monopoly market and the results cannot be anything else than insecurity and crimes.

We are doomed to failure if we cannot remove the Haitian monopoly market and the over-representation of the oligarch families within all Haiti's public institutions.

If we cannot make an economic revolution to change stuffs around, let go a political and social revolution to occur.

Qui vivra verra!

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Gren Sonnen says...

Neg nwa ou lan nwe se neg sot e neg po lanve se neg je klere. Ou pa ka mande Toulimin pou yo bayo job administration tankou directeur e chef jestion nan biwo leta mon che. D'ailleurs de neg nwa kom directeur d more »