Go learn how Boyer and Bornot got the Haitian presidency. Why...

Toulimen Legrand - February 15 2012, 7:26 PM

Go learn how Boyer and Bornot got the Haitian presidency.

Why did Petion get Dessalines killed?

Why did Dessalines'death bring strong ties between the Haitian French elites and French elites?

Why did France get Aristide overthrown?

Why did France break ties with Haiti in 1862?

Do you remember how France parachuted Salomon in power in Haiti?

Why did US recognize Haiti's independence in 1862 after the first coup D'Etats against Salomon by the US?

Go research those questions to learn about the history of your country so you could understand the presence of Nicolas Duvalier II within the Martelly's government?

Who is helping Martelly in getting France's businesses coming back in Haiti?

Who is negotiating the return of those businesses now?

Nicolas Duvalier is behind all those contracts and the ties with France will be stronger and more discrimination will come on board with the France elites against the black masses in Haiti.

You are so naive in believing in those negotiated elections in Haiti.

Good luck and think again!

Response to:

This is not true. Haiti is a democratic country...


France Wants Nicolas Duvalier II to Succeed Martelly

Human Rights Organizations as known as US institutions are closely monitoring Duvalier Jean-Claude's moves in Haiti to...

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