You makes me think alot Toulimen, I think you drop a bomb in...

Jean Pierre Alexandre - February 17 2012, 7:37 AM

You makes me think alot Toulimen,
I think you drop a bomb in my head stead of Ti-Nicholas.

Like i said before and i will continue to say the samething over and over,"Haiti needs LEADERS".

I cannot see so far where these leaders will surface and when.
Presently, leaders in Haiti are dogs, foxes,rats, pigs.
We need Humans as leaders, not animals.

Toulimen, remember i am a Duvalierist, not a Jean Claudist;Not until i see some kind of light in the tunnel with a real Leader walking toward Haiti, i would not say otherwise.

Duvalier was not perfect, but everyone else after him drops droppings in the throne.

"Tou't mou'n apre misye KAK"KA sou chez'la, avek nan figi pep'la"

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