Francois Duvalier's Haitian Nationalism To Win The Presidential Race

Toulimen Legrand - February 19 2012, 12:18 PM

Duvalier Francois had in his mind all Haitian interests and the national interest of Haiti.

He fought inflation by creating state grocery stores to bring down costs in Haiti.

Haitians could buy foods at cheaper prices and good foods not non nutritive chemical foods.

Haitians were healthy and Haitian hospitals had less diseases to deal with. Duvalier had a good clinic in place in Port-Au-Prince to test all foreign tourists that wanted to visit Haiti in order to prevent genetic and venereal diseases from disseminating throughout the country.

Duvalier had in place tourist guides to direct them in historical places and their files, cameras and any other devices were scrutinized before they left the country to prevent them from selling bad images of Haiti.

He had laws to sanction any foreign journalists that published any unauthorized bad pictures of Haiti.

Duvalier Francois's leadership was to manage Haiti's wealth well, protect Haiti images in the world as well as reducing social inequalities aimed at transforming Haitians to animals.

Under Duvalier Francois's regime, Haitians'DNA was protected and no NGOs could come in Haiti to inflict venereal and genetic diseases to anyone in the country and Haitian chromosomes could not be modified by any means to reduce the Haitian population to a sort of homosexuality rate of 5% as wanted in the most advanced countries in the world.

Duvalier reformed schools and they were all teaching the national curriculum and segregation schools were banned in the country.

As a result, poor and rich mulattoes were not happy with those reforms and as such they formed an opposition against him to stop those reforms and Duvalier Francois had no choice to fight against them to protect Haiti's national interests.

Mulattoes wanted segregation schools and did not want to go in the same schools with the black masses that they believed were their former slaves and inferior to them. Haitian elites still carry those ideals and they had forced Jean-Claude Duvalier to sell Haitian slaves to Dominican Republic to prove to them that his politics were different as compared to his father.

The Duvalierism came to an end with Jean-Claude Duvalier and the mulatto rule was restored with French as the only official language of Haiti against the Creole.

Haitian merchants did not want to fund his government and they corrupted his government to a point that in 1986 Jean-Claude had to leave the country to exile in France, the country of his father.

In 1986, France said that Jean-Claude Duvalier was an overseas French Citizen and they were not receiving him there as a foreign person.

Him and his children were French Citizens although born in Haiti.

Duvalier Francois fought all that and Jean-Claude Duvalier could not take those credits for granted.

Rather he restored slavery in the DR with black Haitian masses and he was for the French as the only official language of Haiti to please the Haitian mulatto elites and France as well.

We need to understand the difference between Duvalierism and Jean-Claudism.

Duvalier Francois although labeled the butcher of mulattoes in Haiti was the greatest president ever that Haiti had ever known.

He was like FDR, Reagan, Georges Washington, Reagan, Lincoln, Eisenhower and Theodore Roosvelt to name a few. I am a Duvalierist myself, but I will not prone social exclusion against any ethnic group in Haiti because I do believe both ethnic groups belong to Haiti and I will never join Jean-Claude Duvalier and his son for destroying the Duvalierism in Haiti.

Martelly should reform the country like Duvalier and he should follow Duvalier's book entitled "Marche a la Presidence" to reduce inflation and eliminate social inequalities in Haiti.

Duvalier Francois'rule of law should be restored in Haiti to bring justice to all Haitians.

Duvalier was the best president ever that Haiti had ever known.

Toulimen is a moderate Duvalierist.

Sak pa kontan anbake!

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Patrick says...

Duvalier Francois is an eternal president for the Haitian black masses. Too bad, Jean-Claude is not a Duvalierist with his kinky hair. He is trying hard to speak creole because he is a foreigner. We don't want him in the new Haitian palace and Franc more »

Kamoken Scandinavia says...

Mr Toulimen I had to respond to this piece. Listen to you talking is like listening to those former Nazis that I had had the privilege to talk to in Trier Germany or those former member of "El Condor pasa" of South America(Pinochet Chile, Stros more »

Toulimen Legrand says...

I believe that Haiti is overdue to a bloody revolution, but there is an international community that keeps supporting this oligarchy and as such we are all doomed to failure. Only a Castro or one among them could lead the revolution and transform thi more »

Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

The transformation of Haiti will be difficult,but not impossible. About Mevs family,they already proove what they are,i believe they can help with that transformation. Toulimen,a bloody revolution in Haiti would not stop in days,because Haitians a more »

Toulimen Legrand says...

I never prone a bloody revolution although I do believe that Haiti is overdue for such thing to occur. The oppressors such as the seven richest families and the international community need to think that one day Haitian people will lose their patienc more »

Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Toulimen,nowadays i don't believe Christian religion can oppress the poor"meaning the whole world". We are talking about 2012,where the whole world is in chaos. Something else is cooking,Toulimen! Again,Toulimen! I don't believe we are that s more »

Toulimen Legrand says...

You are right my friend. A coalition of goodwill will blow the gasket off to repeat Tiba who is in Haiti now. Mevz said the day that Haiti has a good leader, the whole country and especially his oligarchy will support him by investing huge sum of mon more »