You are right my friend. A coalition of goodwill will blow the...

Toulimen Legrand - February 21 2012, 9:00 PM

You are right my friend.

A coalition of goodwill will blow the gasket off to repeat Tiba who is in Haiti now. Mevz said the day that Haiti has a good leader, the whole country and especially his oligarchy will support him by investing huge sum of money to solve all Haiti's problems and he will turn over the state some Haiti's wealth concentrated into their hands.

I told my friend that he does not need to wait after this leader.

He needs to start investing now if he wants to stop oppressing Haiti.

We will rise soon and Haiti will be saved.

We will not cross our hands to let an elite oppressing us like that. We will rebel and they will hear our voices.

They are scared of this upcoming rebellion and that is why they want the army to be put in place soon to protect their wealth.

Why should one protect their wealth when one knows the concentration of wealth is amed at oppressing us more. Why should the army protect them. I will infiltrate this new army with 2000 soldiers to lead that rebellion and soon they will hear from us. The fight will be fought inside the army and we are prepared to teach this oligarchy a lesson with 2000 men enrolled in Haiti and who know where they live in those hidden mountains surrounding Port-Au-Prince.

Soon or later a lesson will be taught and they will learn...

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Toulimen,nowadays i don't believe Christian religion...


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