The time of F. Duvalier was marked by tuff governments every...

By: Antoine Simon Estime (replying to Msg 4813) - February 21 2012, 10:01 PM

The time of F. Duvalier was marked by
tuff governments every where.

Cuba, D.R.
Chili, Mexico, Iran, Nicaragua, Paraguay

Proud Haitians of that era would
not settle for anythings less.
Dictator!!! who cares ( sorry for those
unfortunate victims and their families )
but so call non dictators governments, after
Duvalier had been worse when it come to
Human right violations ( ej. Jean Dominique
Killing, la Sirie massacre, kidnapping, rape )
Some time, I want to think that those impu
nitive abusesHad caused the devastating
earthquake in 2010.

There is more pain and sorrow today in the

Diseases, no food, no gas, no security
Added to a ferocious legislative abuse, Another
Big catastrophe may happen.

( let's hope the opposite)
F. Duvalier was much better.

five dictatorship

RE: Francois Duvalier best president ever.


Read the topic:

Francois Duvalier best president ever.

Right on the money Toulimen!!! F. Duvalier was the only Haitien president who will work in his office from 5 AM till...

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