And they have the nerve to call Duvalier Francois a dictator...

Toulimen Legrand - February 21 2012, 10:57 AM

And they have the nerve to call Duvalier Francois a dictator.

His kinky hair mulatto son could be labeled dictator for betraying the Duvalierian Revolution.

Duvalier Francois was the best leader for 97% of black Haitian masses and he will remain in the hearts and minds of all as the immortal ever President.

For those who had suffered and persecuted under his regime, the only thing we could say that we are sorry for their losses, but that always happen in politics.

Duvalier Francois had a good social program to lift up black masses from poverty, but the Haitian oligarchy was against it and that transformed the man to a dictator to save his people.

That happens every where in the world and there always be a small portion of any population to be sacrificed for the greater cause of any country.

In the most advanced countries, there is a rate of poverty of 5% to 10% that we call the sacrificed population.

They got most of the genetic and venereal diseases and they live in worst communities in those countries.

They suffer the consequences of natural disasters and they have lower life expectancy as compared to the 90% or 95% who are enjoying good life on the backbones of those sacrificed ones. Do they call those countries leaders dictators?

No. Why should Duvalier Francois be labeled dictators for only 3% of his population who opposed to his social agenda to lift them up from poverty?

If they did not want to exterminate the 97% through poverty and diseases, Duvalier would never be a dictator for them. Long life to the immortal president ever the Great Doctor Francois Duvalier! Shalom!


Francois Duvalier best president ever.

Right on the money Toulimen!!! F. Duvalier was the only Haitien president who will work in his office from 5 AM till...

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The time of F. Duvalier was marked by tuff...

The time of F. Duvalier was marked by tuff...

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