Once born from Haitian parents, one is Haitian for life. This...

Toulimen Legrand - February 23 2012, 5:38 PM

Once born from Haitian parents, one is Haitian for life. This country was created on double nationality and in the past no one cared about double nationality.

Petion, Boyer, Borno and including Chistophe were born on foreign lands before they became presidents.

Why now, a bunch of ignorant senators and house representatives kept pointing fingers at President Martelly.

I told Martelly the other day before the carnival to publish the law on multiple nationalities to integrate all Haitians within all Haiti's public and private sectors.

He does not need those morons to do that. A simple executive order as called in French "decret-loi" will allow him to do so. Haitian Congress members are scared of the Diaspora because we are more educated than them. They only have high school education where most of us earn bachelors, masters and doctorate degrees overseas.

We will change Haiti whether they like it or not and Haiti will look different.

We are Haitians for life once born from one or both Haitian parents.


Once Haitian, Always Haitian.

!! Chat Kap domi nan fou pa biscuit!!! Un pays sous occupation,jamais retrouvera le chemin de la libert

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