A Law on NGOs and Diplomatic Missions in Haiti is Needed

Toulimen Legrand - February 23 2012, 5:54 PM

It is the time for the government to call for accountability among the NGOs and the diplomatic missions in Haiti.

The government should create a clinic unit in the international aiport to detect those diseases carriers who keep infiltrating Haiti to harm all Haitians.

Biowarfare against Haitian citizens is insecurity and we must fight it. We need to know all whereabouts of those NGO members and what they are doing in Haiti.

This law should go after any foreign journalists that published any unauthorized pictures of Haiti and the culprits should be jailed.

The state of Haiti needs to appoint special trained touristic guides to guide foreign tourists in Haiti.

We can do it Martelly and take notes if you don't want to be out of Haiti.

Kontrole vagabond yo e mete bandi anba kod. Merci!

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