US CIA Creates This Crisis To Stop Martelly's Foreign Trips

Leopard Baptiste - February 25 2012, 10:56 AM

The United States was the one that asked the former CEP to kick Mirelande out of the race to get Martelly in because they thought that Martelly was an ignorant and they could do anything with him and now they have realized that Martelly is another Soulouque, Dessalines, Estime and Francois Duvalier so they want him out. They want Martelly to be killed and they want chaos in Haiti.

They don't want Martelly to free Haiti from their dependency.

The contracts signed overseas by Martelly will come to an end soon and Haiti will stay an occupied country forever.

With the United States, Haiti will never be a free country.

We need to stop getting foreign aid from the U.S. and we must develop the country for Haitians if we want to live free as independent people.

Himler Rebu should be chosen as prime minister of Haiti in the following days and Martelly should wear Dessalines's costume to manage Haiti in the next days.

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Toulimen Legrand says...

I agree with you that Himler Rebu should be appointed as Prime Minister of Haiti. He is a true leader in Haiti now and he has the credibility to do so. He is not on any CIA's list to sell or destroy Haiti. He can free Haiti from the U.S. dependency, more »

Toulimen Legrand says...

CIA knows how to manipulate Haitians and Haiti will always be a chaotic place for its citizens. Are we foreign citizens or citizens of Haiti. The latter is the country of the U.S. NGOs and its citizens and not a country for Haiti. We are in Exile for more »

Richelle says...

I agree to that!"CIA loves Haiti than Haitians love Haiti themselves." According to toulimen. Although,they're not the one who destroy Haiti--we are. more »

Toulimen Legrand says...

I doubt that's Richelle and she knows what's going on. Richelle and I are not seeking revenge on anyone and we both know that Haitians are bad. They are selling their souls to evil for money. They got paid twice by CIA and by the government to dest more »