Be Careful With CIA's Plot to Keep Haiti Under US Dependency Forever

Joubert - February 28 2012, 1:27 PM

It's time for us to understand CIA's tricky plans to dismantle Haiti in order to keep it under their control forever.

While Martelly is trying to implement all contracts signed by all Haiti's previous governments to create jobs, the evil forces of the US CIA are trying to distract us by fomenting divisions against Haitian politicians to make them work their agenda instead of Haiti's agenda.

Haitians, please be smart and don't swallow their evil pills.

Now, they want justice on our behalf after Duvalier and Aristide rebelled against them. All Haiti's crimes were committed by CIA forces in Haiti and they are the ones who keep committing evil crimes in Haiti.

We need to reclaim this occupied territory from the US and say enough is enough.

We have too much of you U.S.A. and enough is enough.

I want the Haitian spies on this blog to say enough is enough and stand up for the interests of Haiti.

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