CIA's Plot To Divide Martelly and Aristide Came From The Haitian Parliament

Toulimen Legrand - March 1 2012, 1:50 AM

CIA's infiltration plays its cards to divide Martelly and Aristide to justify the Double Nationality's Crisis.

We, Haitians, are ignorant and US CIA will never stop fooling us. We are selling our souls for foods and money.

I am calling on Martelly to make a joint press conference along with Martelly to undo this plot immediately.

We must all stand up to kick those CIA members out of Haiti so they can stop dividing us. America, please enough is enough.

Leave Haiti alone, ungrateful Americans!

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Max Beauvoir L says...

Joint Press Conference is needed between Aristide and Martelly. I agree with you Toulimen. Martelly should do that right away. We will win this time and don't worry Toulimen we will get them out soon. They are evil forces in Haiti and soon they wil more »

Cassandra Cretefer says...

CIA infiltrates the Haitian government to control Haiti forever. Some government members and parliament members are on the CIA payroll to corrupt, divide and steal money as well. Haitians hate themselves and they are cursed for life. Haitian comes fr more »