C.I.A. will kidnap Martelly and rekidnap Aristide at the same time

Cheval Chargee - March 1 2012, 12:11 PM

Both, Aristide and Martelly are communists.

Martelly communist actions sound louder than Aristide communist actions.

Martelly made overture with ALBA, Chavez, Castro, Africa, CARICOM, Asia etc..Martelly wears a capitalist suit and pretends that he is a right extremist but in reality he is triying to help the poor. Washington does not like Martelly policy and they already has a monkey wrench and peau figues for him. Mark my words.

They are taking steps to remove him from power asap. Martelly days in power are numbered.

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Samba P says...

A law on the activities of those NGOs CIA will prevent that. CIA needs to be contained in Haiti before any change can occur. We need to denounce the United States politics of self-containment against our country before good leadership can occur. The more »