A law on the activities of those NGOs CIA will prevent that...

Samba P - March 3 2012, 12:59 PM

A law on the activities of those NGOs CIA will prevent that. CIA needs to be contained in Haiti before any change can occur.

We need to denounce the United States politics of self-containment against our country before good leadership can occur.

The United States wants Haiti not to become a US state but to remain its backyard country because they consider all Haitians as their Guinea Pigs. We are the garbage place of the U.S. and they are dropping chemicals on our shore every day. We are garbages for them. We must change that and that will stop because Haiti will not perish.

We have done 1804 against France and we will do another 1804 against the United States ok. Wait and you will witness the final outcome ok. Liberty or death, Haiti will not perish!


C.I.A. will kidnap Martelly and rekidnap Aristide at the same time

Both, Aristide and Martelly are communists. Martelly communist actions sound louder than Aristide communist actions...

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