Shame On You Aristide,You Are A Disease In Haiti

Jean Pierre Alexandre - March 2 2012, 7:56 AM

I insist you guys to watch this cruelty in our own country.

This is sad and terrible.

Aristide is a weird animal with no tail

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Dr. D says...

I think you sir is a weird amimal with no tail.You sould stop blaming Aristide. I know you guys out there are ffustrated because The people's leader hasn't said a word over all the political stupidity that are going on in our beautiful Haiti. It i more »

Jeanpieere Alexandre Boss says...

Dr. D youu are too stupid and illiterate to be an undercover bloger. Your writing betray you again. You are Jean Pierre Alexandre,the vulgar,the empty head more »

Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Jeanpieere Alexandre Boss, I stongly believe not in this world,i never or will never have a boss with a profile like yours. The field that i am in,as a professional"Haiti is 60 to 100 years behind if not more,because A S S H O L E S rules in Haiti more »

Dr. D says...

Yon bel pwoveb lakay di ke; sel pa dwe vante tet li. so map kite ak konkizyon ou yo. I dont believe a minute that you are aware of what's going on in America. And you want to come around and play like Mr. Smart guy. Nigger dont try to grind up. Beca more »