i want Haiti to become a better place.

Mirlande Philogene - March 9 2012, 1:12 PM

The changes i want in Haiti right now is peace and love because there is to much violence, i want to go visit my country without no fear. I want to stay at night hang out with my friends.

I want Haiti to have everything that she deserve like more hospital and school.

A lot of park where children can go to play. More security for the population.


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Yvrance Unelus says...

I agree with you. It is many people dream to make Haiti a better place to live. Haiti needs security, a school of medicine in every department and more hospitals and nursing homes. Haiti needs affordable housing for retirees to return homes. Hait more »

Mirlande Philogene says...

yes that's all we need to put Haiti on her feet again because i really miss my country. When i heard people talk about what people doing to other peoples who living in Haiti i feel sorry, because they forget about the union we have to keep the count more »