I agree with you. It is many people dream to make Haiti a...

Yvrance Unelus - March 11 2012, 4:05 PM

I agree with you. It is many people dream to make Haiti a better place to live. Haiti needs security, a school of medicine in every department and more hospitals and nursing homes.

Haiti needs affordable housing for retirees to return homes.

Haiti needs more hotels for tourists to come on vacation, honeymooons.

Haiti needs jobs for the haitian people to work in Haiti, rebuild their homes and send their children to school.

Haiti needs more schools to combat illiteracy, and for the adults to go to school at night so young and old people learn to read. Haiti needs car dealers in every department so everybody learn to drive a car. Haiti needs Mechanic schools in every department for the haitian people learn to fix cars. Haiti needs a School of Agronomy in every department so the haitian learn to grow their crops for a better nutrition.

Haiti needs airports in every department so they can build houses and hotels for tourists to visit Haiti all Haiti not only Port au Prince.


i want Haiti to become a better place.

The changes i want in Haiti right now is peace and love because there is to much violence, i want to go visit my...

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yes that's all we need to put Haiti on her feet again...

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