Without Justice Haiti will remain poor

Frantz - March 12 2012, 5:19 PM

Justice is a key of development any country I am serious I mean look at the justice system in the west if u committed a crime u go jail but in Haiti if u are rich or ur family members are part of the government u can get away with any crimes even murder and by the way I am not talking only about Haiti ok I am talking about the Caribbean system including DomRep, Jamaica, Grenada etc I just giving an example before I make point about the Haitian parlement full of corruption for decade
I feel sorry for President Martelly cause this fight is big they are a lot and they are united to destroy the people who voted for them I am talking about the senators and the deputies members of unity lavalas they are the same cause Aristide was the one who give us preval remember that they were twins preval and aristide they even had a song about it /timid preval se marasa yo Ye pa bliye ayisyen sonje sonje /
President Martelly his the only one who can take Haiti to the next level because of he already prove Himself to the Haitian people and the international community by moving them out of camps to a new house with funds etc Mr President Martelly I wanna thank you for your job u are the best we ever had Thanks God Haiti will change once again hey can you believe 907.000 children's attended school for free including my son what more I want for my president a long this year and the president only took office in may so what about five years /mezanmi/TET kale
Aba grangou program this government is number one This victory is for the people of Haiti and the Haitian new generation will stand by President Martelly for ever so Moise jean Charles femen Dan ou epi sak pa kontan anbake ok

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