For the sake of the Country

Kamoken Scandinavia - March 14 2012, 8:38 PM

Let's raise ourselves to a higher level and reason for the sake of the Country
1)We know for sure that all of those Passports produced recently by Ti Simone are fake...

2)We know that many of those in our Government may have or have had a foreign Passport
3) We know that it is possible that those Senators and Deputies may move forward and impeach Ti Simone and plunge the country into chaos
Do we want that?

No, No and No
Despite all of our reservation and respect for the Constitution we should not transiger sue les principes of our Constitution but what is the alternative?

Ti Simone starts good by any standard! I am calling to give him a chance or at least to give our Country a chance
Remember we are a product of a Dictatorship and consequently all of our Ministers, Functionaries, Secretaries are without a doubt heritiers of this Dictatorship mentality.

It will take another generation and a lots of Education to transform the Haitian mentality to one that understands the principles and the duties and responsibilities of a Citizen living in a State of Law
Considering all these facts and impediments we should ask the Parlement to vote a Law admitting the dual nationality or Citizenship immediately...ask the Supreme Court to block the publication of the Amendement of the New revised Constitution, ask Aristide to refrain from instigating sh...ttts from Tabarre, demand that Ti Mayard Paul demobilise those ragtag guys in the former military installations, ask big time Criminal Yuri Latortue to form une Garde Nationale pour la defense de notre territoire, require that this so called nasty Bourgeoisie take a more national, pro Country attitude towards Haiti, the Country that made them filthy rich--- and relance our Country sur la voie de la prosperite, du bonheur et de la paix et la securite...

Ainsi nous tous qui sommes eparpilles a travers le monde et qui etions forces de dormir aver les diables de l'Amerique ou de l'Europe puissions revenir dans notre pays et marcher la tete haute a chancune de leurs Ambassades et retourner leurs ""Kalllambe" papers or Passports in to their faces and say thank you C...S..ers
Let me hear from you

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