J. B. Aristide, the intellectual giant and Toussaint L'ouverture

Agent-x - March 16 2012, 12:07 PM

Jean Bertrand Aristide-JBA, the Haitian intellectual giant and the reincarnation of Toussaint L'ouverture did another intellectual feat or tour de force by publishing: Haiti-Haitii: Philosophical Reflections for Mental Decolonization [Paperback] by: Jean-Bertrand Aristide (Author)The intellectual community worldwide is buying this book like hot cake. Hurry up to buy it.

The following comment is an excerpt from amazon.com:

In Haiti Haitii?

Jean-Bertrand Aristide combines the artistry of Swahili with the poetic incisiveness of his native Kreyol to produce an eloquent, resounding negation to colonialism and slavery, as well as an emphatic affirmation of freedom, liberty, equality, and fraternity.

Aristide writes in poetry, prose, proverbs, and aphorisms to tell the epic story of the life and freedom affirming spirit of Haiti, the world's first independent Black republic.

He chronicles slavery through a recitation of the brutality of the colonisers and the often mundane and trivial ways in which they attempted to dehumanize Haitians, positioning the reader in the place of the human beings who were at the receiving end of such inhumanity.

Aristide eloquently illustrates how Haitians 300-year journey to freedom was illuminated by the African philosophy of Ubuntu, a world view that embodies human solidarity, respect, dignity, justice, liberty, and love. In this philosophy, Africans found an unmatched strength to resist slavery.

Today, he writes, it is this same philosophy that can empower a new generation of Africans worldwide to resist neo-colonialism.

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Jeanette Laguerre says...

Aristide: Mob Boss or Persecuted Priest? by Stanley Lucas Over the past 50 years, Haiti has suffered under the rule of strongmen: Francois more »

Agent-x says...

What is your point Ms.Jeanette Laguerre? You wrote several paragraphs but said nothing: talk a lot but says nothing "habla mucho,pero dice nada" Tell me who your friends are and I'll tell you who you are. Dis-moi qui tu fr more »

Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Agent-x,i want to know what is next? I am sure,you are well inform for the next six months or even more. As for me my opinion is getting worse. Things are too degenerates in Haiti,out of control,out of balance. Gives me your input. more »