With those vaccines now, they will get Haiti under control as...

Toulimen Legrand - March 27 2012, 11:30 AM

With those vaccines now, they will get Haiti under control as their dream is to reduce its population to five millions in the next decade.

Tell your family not to take those vaccines and stay away from those criminals with the intent to kill as well as reducing to half the Haitian population.

Those vaccines were a requirement by the U.S. administration to release economic aid to the Martelly's government and that is why Gary Conille resigned from his post. For economic aid, Haiti has accepted to kill 5 million Haitians in the next 20 years.

Haiti accepts to sacrify a large population of Haitians to create jobs for the rest and the U.S. corporations, the greatest beneficiaries.

Venereal diseases and HIV vaccines will be injected to people soon and death will occur silently.

It is sad to witness a destructive Haiti with its acolytes U.S and others.


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