What a shame? What a shame..millions of kickback

Kamoken Scandinavia - April 1 2012, 7:29 PM

Martelly: 2.5millions
Manigat: 250.000
Haiti: 0000

I have never lost confidence that Haiti will see some better days. I always remain optimistic even when others have given up and when I read this "alledged" kickback worth millions of dollars being given directly to the President of our Country and I read that there Senators and Deputies that are being paid directly from Ti Mayard Paul....and I know and see that there still thousands and thousands of our brothers and sister that still live in the most filthy and squalid conditions in the very many tents in our Capital and across the Country...I just want to die or to live to make them pay.
As of now Dominican Journalist Nuria Piera has uncovered that millions of dollars of kickback have been paid to Martelly through those shady deals with the company of Bautista...Man Man men
Now I know why Gary Conille could not stay and as a matter of facts if he has not resigned he would have been murdered

I am just speechless but again our political class a vecu

Sad, sad sad in Scandinavia

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Kamoken Scandinavia,i am still investigating the allegation because one Dominican claim to me the money is less than 2.5 million. Regardless of the situation,if this is true Martelly is an A S S H O L E. I hope this is not the case,this will makes more »