New Amendments To Haiti's Consitution

Joey - April 7 2012, 10:15 AM

I read the new amendments to Haiti's constitution awhile ago and what a big joke that was. The articles still remain exactly the same. They only changed a few words in those articles and replaced them by their synonyms.

This so-called new amendments creats even more confusion by changing the terms of deputees, senators, etc...

from 5 years to 4 years and doesn't really tell which term is the correct one.

Is a deputee elected for 5 years or 4 years?

No one knows exactly according to the new so-called amendments.

It appears to me these officials do not really know nor understand the basic concept of the word "amendment." Ammendment to the constitution means the "reversal of the first intent of an article (either for or against) or to allow...

For example, the constitution is against dual-citizenship, and therefore, the new amendment to this very article would be in favor (for) dual citizenship, but to get rid of the word "against" and replaced it with the word "unfavor" is not a new amendment to the article.

Haiti's constitution does require that everyone who wants to be part of the government such as: prime minister, ministers (cabinet members) etc..

not only to be Haitian and has never renounced to your nationality, liveds in the country for 5 years etc...

but you have to be a home owner, or a professional, or a business owner.

Shouldn't this article apply only to those who want to hold elected offices?

This proves how Haiti is an exclusive/close off country and this country will never go forward when Haitians are not welcomed to be part of their own country because the biggest junk of Haiti's resources lives outside of the country.

The Haitian government is saying to the Haitian diaspora give us all your hard earned dollars but stay away we don't want you in our affairs.

That really makes us, the diaspora, nothing more than a bunch of suckers.

If the diaspora is not allowed fully participation in the affairs of their own country, their hard earned dollars should take care Haitians in Haiti.

By the way, Haiti has 9 departments and not 10.

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Amiral Killik says...

Joey, nou due komence'lite pou DOA nou. Sispan transfe lagen Haiti sispan investi.Fe fanmi nou gan yin Haiti konnin ke kostitision chien mage' chien fose nou rete loin pei-a. Pou nou pa ka voyage. Ni transfere $$$ Se pou nou bay sipow a force arm more »

Toulimen Legrand says...

Naturalized Haitians are Haitians despite their citizenship status while living overseas. The reason the elites of Haiti in the name of Dr. Louis Roy don't want them to hold elected positions is to preserve the sovereignty and the independence of H more »

Toulimen Legrand says...

Bet sa yo pap janmem ka fe respekte yo tande. Si Ameriken ak Diaspora te gen tet ansamb bourik sa yo an Ayiti tap chanje konstipasyonmde gren gosh yo a tande. Men Ayisyen kap viv lot bo dlo se esklav e moun ki rete ak moun alo yo pap janmen boykote m more »

Ti Coq says...

konstitision Chien mange' Chien sa-a. Pa en akor ak deviz pei-a " L'inion fe la fos." Konstitision sa Exli: Haitien ak doube nationalite'L'amee, Macoute, bougoie, neg pov. neg rich. Oh. Li exkli Desulme, Simeus, Wyclef, Rouzier. Oh. minm more »