roro nelson

Patrick Beaulieu - May 3 2012, 6:53 PM

Dear Mr. President,

I've always been a fan of yours as a musician.

First time I saw you performed was in 1992 at a private school in Lalue.

I love your music, but most importantly I admire your vision and desire to uplift the people from this way too long misery.

Your dedication to sending the children to school will remain the reason why I approved of your campaign on the first place.

Although it hasn't been easy for you since you stepped into office, you've managed to accomplish so much.
Let me be as blunt as I can be: Roro Nelson will be the REASON of your DOWNFALL if you don't get rid of him. It is a matter of time before the haitian people run out of patience.

Roro Nelson has managed to disrepect way too many people in so many levels.

I am from Boston, and I know Roro personally, which is the reason why I am baffled with the idea of him putting his hands on people everytime he gets a chance.

Do you really want to put your presidency at risk for the sake of keeping this guy around?

ask yourself that question.

P.S. To whom much is giving, much is reguired.

Do the right thing Mr. president, disassociate yourself from this guy. It is for you, and the country's your own benefit.

From a concerned Haitian in the diaspora...

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