Haiti,W President Martelly

Peralte Estivil - May 12 2012, 8:01 AM

I'm an italian man but origned of Haiti.

I wd like to know the real situation of Haiti.

Haitian people need you. Martelly you are the right president to increase the level of live of Haiti's people.

Please kindlty remove all the old policy representatives in parlament.

We need situation changed.

Our island is the best in the world but the most poor as well. We must improve the tourism..W President Martelly...I support you...

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Yvrance Unelus says...

If you want to know about the situation of Haiti, you must visit the North, the South of Haiti, not only Port au Prince and spend at least three weeks there every year for about five years. You have to make some friends in Haiti and read the Haiti o more »