Hello Yvrance Beloved Haiti needs a public school of medicine...

Rubens Titus - July 20 2012, 11:14 PM

Hello Yvrance
Beloved Haiti needs a public school of medicine in most of the 9/10 geographic departments.

But before those needs can really be met, Haiti needs a revolution that will usher in a progressive government and a nationalist state.

Basically, a progressive parliament that comes out of a truly free election and tackles a real wealth generating development plan. Then the Haitian Treasury can find the money to build those school campuses that you and I dream of.
Check out my book, in that regard at www.iuniverse.com or wwww.barnesandnoble.com under 'rubens titus' or 'roadmap to haiti's next revolution: a plan for Diaspora Haitians to Contribute to a Peaceful Turnaround'.

Advise other Haitians if you would please.

Thank you.
Patriotic Salutations


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