Economic Crash In Haitian Politics With The Elites Administrative Power

Toulimen Legrand - August 4 2012, 8:32 AM

Haiti since 1807 has been administratively governed by the elites as directors, chief personnels, chief accountants and administrative directors.

The economic formula crash is to corrupt, divert money and steal public funds whenever a dark skinned man is in power and a light skinned Haitian man is in power, they must come clean to respect Napoleon's curse over Haiti.

For Napoleon Cochonparte, dark skinned blacks are not fit to govern Haiti and the biracial elites must divide, corrupt, and engage them with heinous crimes to destabilize their administration.

The great loser with this economic destructive formula is Haitians.

Now, you can understand why the biracial administrative power backs down to stop this evil destructive economic policy.

Haiti stand up and wake up!

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Rubens Titus says...

Hello, what you describe is called the 'Haitian mulatto ideology' and Haiti being an enigma, a number of the mulatto ideologues are dark-skinned also. Go figure! I made an effort to better explain those Haitian idiosyncrasies in my book "Roadmap t more »