Moise Jean-Charles Is A CIA Spy In The Senate Aimed At Destabilizing Haiti

By: Toulimen Legrand - August 4 2012, 8:46 AM

Moise Jean-Charles is paid by CIA to prevent Haiti from promoting any Haitian National interests.

He is a CIA spy like Evans Paul, former communist party member Rene Theodore and Deronceray to name a few. He was told to fake his position against the International Community.

He is a fake CIA spy. He will create a lot of troubles if the Haitian government is aimed at implementing nationalistic measures to protect Haiti against all Imperialistic invasions of the Haitian market.

He is a CIA spy like Former Deputy Lerouge under the Duvaliers.

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Truth Seeker says...

Wow! Such an accusation. If this is so why dont Haitians protest against it? more »

Nadege says...

If Moise Jean Charles is a spy how can Haiti move forward. more »

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