Tiba, the state of Haiti cannot continue to be the greatest...

Toulimen Legrand - August 31 2012, 1:43 AM

Tiba, the state of Haiti cannot continue to be the greatest employer ever in Haiti.

The Haitian government should have the right to print its own money to strengthen the private sector to hire people in the country.

Are you working for the US government?

The U.S. government only employs 3 to 5 % of Americans in America and the private sector hires 90% of the rest. What's wrong with that Tiba?

Can we do the same?

We must put an end to this jol Bokye protectorate to print our own money to finance our economic projects in Haiti.

I am not a Republican nor a Liberal Democrat, I am a humanist Tiba and I am for what can work ok. The state of Haiti needs to play a role of supervisor and not a big patron of employer for jobs. Did you take any courses on U.S. Carribean International Relations and Latin American Countries?

If you had done it you would agree with me. Survey the English Territories in the Caribbean and you will find out of the effective of a small government as a supervisor for the greatest good of society.

Kenbe fem!

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