We all need to understand that this has been a conspiracy...

Bijou - June 23 2013, 5:53 PM

We all need to understand that this has been a conspiracy since 1804. During the US independence war, we helped them. When it was time for us to become independent, the US allied with the french against us. After independence, the US reinforced their alliance with the french by pushing them to extort an astronomical sum of money from us. After multiple coups against the country, the US now installs someone who barely knows how to write his name, who has been cursing our dear country for his entire life as head of state.

If we really want to solve the problems, we will have to go the roots.

Dessalines was on his way, when he was assassinated.

Now, it is up to us, sons and daughters of that beautiful country, to get rid of these enemies once and for all. If Dessalines was able to kill the french, we CAN do much more than that.


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