Is the construction of a $18m bridge really necessary?

Yves Binbin - November 11 2013, 1:42 PM

I must say that Haiti indeed needs bridges but is not what our priority should be.We need to build new homes in neighborhoods that were affected by the earthquake.

Haiti needs electricity 24/7,Delma and Petionville are fine but Citee soleil, Bel'air, Martissant etc need TLC. People are living in cardboard homes, Huts and in the street while Mr Martelly is worried about traffic around the airport.

We need to create jobs, have our own military and kick UN out.

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Joseph Unelus says...

Haiti needs bridges to decentralize, deconcentrate and decongestion Port au Prince. Haiti needs bridges in all departments: North, South, East, West. Some roads are not traveled because when it rains the rivers swelled and make it impossible for tr more »