I am impressed!

Jean Voltaire - May 25 2014, 1:55 AM

Hello Mr president,
I have to admit it; you have proven me wrong.

I would I know that you had so much good will for Haiti?

I did not support you candidacy, but I have to confess, you have impressed me, especially amid all this blind opposition against your government.

I left Haiti about 14 years ago, and soon, I will be home to put my hand with others to give Haiti a chance.

I am a journalist by formation, and I am graduating with a bachelor in business communication.

Nothing will make me happier than to put my skills to the service of my dear country.The nation needs all its children in order to prove to the world, once again, when we are united, we can do the impossible.

May Haiti live! God bless you and God bless our dear country.

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The Fat Ugly Bear says...

I have to tell Jean Voltaire! it is not only you. he impressed me as well. more »