Haiti, Machete Gangs and Martial Law "Luciferian system,tou bouda rules the world".

Jean Pierre Alexandre - June 4 2014, 8:45 AM

"More than any other experience",

The Haitian earthquake demonstrates how the Illuminati-Luciferians can quickly implement their globalist agenda anywhere at an anytime.

Remember, the Conspiracy, uses the Hegelian dialectic to reach their objectives.

Simply stated, they create the problem and the solution.

First, the problem:

1. The crisis can be either manufactured or natural.

The Satanists are provocateurs and opportunists.

Their revolutionary agenda has been in play for generations.

They now have their people in charge of every nation on the globe.

They control economies, religions, media and politics.

This can be demonstrated by the fact that there is a universal cry from all quarters to follow "the agenda".

This "one voice" is their voice, and it will be obeyed as long as the vast majority of people continue to listen to it.

2. Through the World's intelligence agencies, the Illuminati control the trillion dollar narcotics trade, organized crime, sex slaves, arms dealers, street gangs, casinos, and all other methods used to poison and subvert families, communities and society.

3. They operate their agenda from their vast corporate, political and media empire.

They control the nations of the earth and their military.

This becomes critical in understanding how their agenda is unfolding in Haiti.

First off, a little history.

Haiti has a history of military dictatorships installed and controlled by the CIA.

"From 1957 to 1986, the Duvalier family reigned as dictators, turning the country into a hermit kingdom with a personality cult and corruption.

They created the private army and terrorist death squads known as Tonton Macoutes.

Many Haitians fled to exile in the United States and Canada, especially French-speaking Quebec.

In the 1970s the United States funded major efforts to establish assembly plants for U.S. manufacturers.

In the mid 1980s the US continued military and economic aid to the regime.[26]

In 1986 protests against "Baby Doc" led the U.S. to arrange for Duvalier and his family to be exiled to France.

Army leader General Henri Namphy headed a new National Governing Council.[26]

In March 1987 a new Constitution was overwhelmingly approved by the population.

General elections in November were aborted hours after dozens were shot by soldiers and the Tonton Macoute in the capital and scores more around the country.


To prevent dissidents from gaining any real influence, the CIA trained "death squads" to hunt down and murder political opponents to its policies.

A CIA front company was brought in:

"Moreover, US troops remained in the country until 1999. The Haitian armed forces were disbanded and the US State Department hired a mercenary company DynCorp to provide "technical advice" in restructuring the Haitian National Police (HNP).

"DynCorp has always functioned as a cut-out for Pentagon and CIA covert operations." (See Jeffrey St. Clair and Alexander Cockburn, Counterpunch, February 27, 2002, corpwatch.org/issues/PID.jsp?artic... ) Under DynCorp advice in Haiti, former Tonton Macoute and Haitian military officers involved in the 1991 Coup d'Etat were brought into the HNP." (source)

Many people still believe that the CIA was making the Caribbean Island safe from Communism.

In reality, other motives were at work:

" According to the US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), Haiti remains "the major drug trans-shipment country for the entire Caribbean region, funneling huge shipments of cocaine from Colombia to the United States." (See US House of Representatives, Criminal Justice, Drug Policy and Human Resources Subcommittee, FDHC Transcripts, 12 April 2000).

It is estimated that Haiti is now responsible for 14 percent of all the cocaine entering the United States, representing billions of dollars of revenue for organized crime and US financial institutions, which launder vast amounts of dirty money.

The global trade in narcotics is estimated to be of the order of 500 billion dollars.

Much of this transshipment trade goes directly to Miami, which also constitutes a haven for the recycling of dirty money into bona fide investments, e.g. in real estate and other related activities." (Ibid)

This fact was not lost on John Kerry's committee in the U.S.Congress:

The evidence confirms that the CIA was protecting this trade during the Duvalier era as well as during the military dictatorship (1991-1994).

In 1987, Senator John Kerry as Chairman of the Subcommittee on Narcotics, Terrorism and International Operations of the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee was entrusted with a major investigation, which focused on the links between the CIA and the drug trade, including the laundering of drug money to finance armed insurgencies.

"The Kerry Report" published in 1989, while centering its attention on the financing of the Nicaraguan Contra, also included a section on Haiti:

"Kerry had developed detailed information on drug trafficking by Haiti's military rulers that led to the indictment in Miami in 1988, of Lt. Col. Jean Paul. The indictment was a major embarrassment to the Haitian military, especially since Paul defiantly refused to surrender to U.S. authorities..

In November 1989, Col. Paul was found dead after he consumed a traditional Haitian good will gift--a bowel of pumpkin soup...

The U.S. senate also heard testimony in 1988 that then interior minister, Gen. Williams Regala, and his DEA liaison officer, protected and supervised cocaine shipments.

The testimony also charged the then Haitian military commander Gen. Henry Namphy with accepting bribes from Colombian traffickers in return for landing rights in the mid 1980's.

It was in 1989 that yet another military coup brought Lt. Gen. Prosper Avril to power...

According to a witness before Senator John Kerry's subcommittee, Avril is in fact a major player in Haiti's role as a transit point in the cocaine trade." ( Paul DeRienzo, Haiti's Nightmare: The Cocaine Coup & The CIA Connection, Spring 1994, globalresearch.ca/articles/RIE402A.html )

The names have changed, but the business has remained the same.

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