I greatly appreciate what you are doing for our Haiti Cherie

Lylia Petion Stevenson - June 18 2014, 5:16 PM

I have been dreaming for years that God would send a president like you.I was sick and tired to see my birth place disgraced and put down for many years .I am a 70 year plus lady who saw the decline of Haiti for years .When I was a child I had a great childhood but when I became an adult I had to leave the island ;live overseas for over 50 years while I observe the decline of my island .I often cried about it but deep inside I knew that I would see the day that there would be a real Haitian chief who would come and save my nation.Well I am not the type of person who flatters anyone what I am saying comes from my own observation because I have always been a seeker of truth.

Thank you for loving Haiti like I do ;thank you for being loyal to the cause of your country.

I know that you are facing many folks who are nay Sayers and envious opponents progress .It has always been like that in our island .I would suggest that you continue without paying attention to the haters and promoters of discord in the island .Keep away from them as much as you can but carry on with your good work mister President .Lylia

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