How far can Haiti go with creole only? Creole is only spoken...

Juan Bobo - August 8 2014, 1:07 PM

How far can Haiti go with creole only?

Creole is only spoken in some Carribbean Islands.

Haiti is on the way of development.

Right now, Haiti should speak French, English, Spanish to communicate with the world.

Haiti should have creole mass, French mass, English mass, Spanish mass in every department.

Haiti needs change.

Haiti should go forward with French and English in school.

Haiti is yearning to perfection.

We love our mother tongue but our
tongue will not take us far. Open Haiti to the world with French and English.

When the world asks for all nations to meet together, who will speak for Haiti, when creole is only spoken in some carribbean island.

Let us do some reasoning on Haiti official language.

Some people just want to do what is easy. It is easy to speak creole.

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Le Francais est la langue officielle d'Haiti. La...


Haiti's Official Language

Mr. President Martelly, Mwen pa ka konprann pouki yon peyi majorite'l pale kreyol e, pou lang ofisyel li se Francais...

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