The Tapion Mountain in the South of Haiti is very dangerous to...

Joseph Unelus - September 12 2014, 11:30 AM

The Tapion Mountain in the South of Haiti is very dangerous to travel.

Many people died on the Tapion almost every year. It is time to do something for the people of the South of Haiti.

The South needs a motor boat to transport merchandise from Cayes, Grande Anse, Nippes to Port au Prince.

It is time to work on the roads to the Cayes, Nippes, Grande Anse to prevent accidents on the roads.

Haitian people, get together to rebuild the rooads to the Nippes, Cayes, Grande Anse to promote commerce, affordable housing, real estate, tourism in the South of Haiti.

The air is pure, the beaches are clean, lots of fruits and vegetables.

The Cayes, Nippes, Grande Anse are good places to retire and to go on vacation.

The south sea is full of fishes.

There is a richess in the South sea. Welcome to the South of Haiti anytime.


Haiti moun mouri San respect pa gin traffic regulation, konbien moun ki supposed pou nan machine traffic yo

Why those people who dead in the mon tapion don' have any selves respected as a president you don showed any respected...

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