Why so much noise after a departure???

Charles Joseph - October 7 2014, 6:07 PM

After the passing of the former president Jean-Claude Duvalier, I did not expect this kind of reactions from some of our intellectuals.

Why so much noise?

What a waste of time for no good reasons!!! Jean-Claude was a former president of the nation and like all the others he deserves to be treated as such. If we were to judge all the past presidents I do not think we will have time to live and keep this country moving.

We become too emotional when we should try to be more realistic about our actual situation.

We must look at Jean-Claude Duvalier under the lights of our history, from the assasination of the emperor to our present time, and be honest in our search of a true democrat.

Why so much noise?

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Patience says...

What do you mean by "so much noise"? In what sense? more »

Patience says...

Sorry, I get it now. Very true though! more »